Make sure that your pet can be easily identified

If your pet strays, it may remain unidentified for days or even weeks, causing much distress to you, your family and your pet. Micro-chipping is a simple and effective way to make sure that your pet can be easily identified should you become separated.

How it works

  • A small microchip, (about the size of a grain of rice) is inserted under the loose skin on the back of your pet's neck.
  • Encoded on the chip is a specific code number unique to the pet which is registered along with details of its breed, sex, age and most importantly the owners name, address, telephone and contact details.
  • You and your pet's details are then registered on a national database. You will personally keep a copy of your pet's code number also.
  • If the pet happens to become lost, he/she must be taken to a veterinary clinic, dog pound or most animal shelters. A hand-held scanner will easily read the chip and its unique code number is displayed.
  • The veterinary clinic, dog pound or animal shelter will then contact the national database on which the details have been registered, who will then release the owners' details to the caller.

Reasons to micro-chip your pet

  • Micro-chipping provides your pet with a secure proof of identity.
  • Should your pet ever be lost or a dispute over ownership arise there is a quick and reliable way to establish the rightful owner.
  • Name collars and dog tags can easily come off, be removed and become worn out and hard to read. In addition some pets cannot wear collars. Micro-chipping provides a permanent identification for your pet.
  • Attaining a passport for your pet requires micro-chipping.
  • Micro-chips are inexpensive and tamper-proof.
  • In Northern Ireland, stray dogs or dogs that are lost are usually handed into the dog pound. If the dog isn't micro-chipped or identified, it will be re-homed or euthanised in 5 days.

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